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Greenway District Is Charlotte’s Latest Transit-Oriented Development

For those who cannot decide between proximity to the light rail or a greenway, a new choice will offer both. . . . Read More

Valparaiso moving ahead with creating transit hub adjacent to downtown

VALPARAISO — In what officials here hope will be the near future, . . . Read More

Everything you need to know about LA’s new transit-oriented development incentives

Industry insiders mixed on whether TOC program will make a difference.  . . . Read More

Communities On The Line: Town Centers With Hartford Rail Stops Are Being Reinvigorated

Imagine. Nearly hourly train service from Hartford to New York. . . . Read More

Move over millennials—a surprising new demographic is taking over the rental market

Many of us have an image of renters as young, single, twenty-somethings, . . . Read More

Federal Agency to Relocate Headquarters to Camp Springs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will consolidate its operations into a $265 million headquarters in Camp Springs, Maryland, in less than three years. . . . Read More

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