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James Corner Field Operations to lead master plan update for the Philadelphia Navy Yard

Multimodal transportation options, sustainable infrastructure, and energy distributions systems are described as being “crucial components” . . .Read More

It’s Patriots Day!

Patriots Day, celebrated this year on April 19, is the Massachusetts state holiday commemorating the 1775 rides of William Dawes, Samuel Prescott and Paul Revere from Boston through "every Middlesex village and town" to alert Massachusetts citizens of the approach... Continue Reading →

Eagerly anticipating a return to ‘the best kids’ ride in town’

The T’s sudden transformation into a feared disease vector has been most problematic for those who most depend on it. But it’s been a loss, too, for Boston-area children, for many of whom the T is all at once a... Continue Reading →

Officials Break Ground on $106M Transit-Oriented Housing Development in Grantville

Local transit and housing officials broke ground on a new $106 million 250-unit residential project at the Grantville Trolley Station Friday, intended to be a transit-oriented development. . . Read More

There’s a Better Way to Date Online—If You Like Trains

Inside NUMTinder, a Facebook dating group exclusively for people who are really into public transit. . . . Read More

Gensler’s updated Amtrak station in Baltimore will provide “a window onto history”

Amtrak and its development partners unveiled new renderings this week for the $40 million station it plans to build in midtown Baltimore . . Read More

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