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Tuk Tuk Go: Is This the Vehicle That Will Rescue Public Transit?

One thing has become clear in this current pandemic: The last thing anyone should want to do is spend lots of time in an enclosed space with lots of other people close by. . . .Read More

Fairfax County found a way to upzone in Tysons with minimal roadblocks

Reflecting recommendations from a diverse group of stakeholders, Tysons crafted a transit-oriented plan . . . Read More

Transit-oriented communities on the horizon?

Toronto could soon join the ranks of cities like Vancouver, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Singapore – all home to compact communities that are closely integrated with mass transit. . . . Read More

Developers, Metropolitan Transit System (San Diego) Aim For Denser Affordable Housing At Trolley Stop

A team of developers seeking to build low- and middle-income housing at a South Bay trolley station . . . Read More

Austin area suburb named as fastest growing city in America

The city of Leander, located just 30 minutes northwest of downtown Austin, has experienced substantial growth in its population over the past decade. . . . Read More

Remote Jobs Are the Key to the Future of Transit-Oriented Development

Transit-oriented development has led to a renaissance along the transit lines of many cities. . . . Read More

The Jamaica Plain ‘Graffiti House’ is about to come tumbling down

A transit oriented development will be built on the site. . . . Read More

Coquitlam plans dense, vibrant new downtown core

The idea is to create a self-sufficient urban core, with new residential and office districts, and an entertainment district extending south from Lincoln SkyTrain Station. . . . Read More

City of Oakland Affordable Housing Development Projects Awarded $90 Million from State Climate Action Programs

Three affordable housing developers were awarded a total of nearly $90 million . . . Read More

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