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Connecticut Says ‘No’ To Transit-Oriented Development

State DOT leaders want a second parking garage near New Haven’s train station and transit advocates are fuming . . . Read More

Thanks to “Overwhelming Support,” the Logan Affordable TOD Plan Is Moving Forward

Following a sometimes-contentious community input process, the plan to build a 100-percent-affordable transit-oriented development next to the Logan Square Blue Line station is moving on to its next phase . . . Read More

How the Port Authority is using transit to encourage development

The Port Authority of Allegheny is in the early stages of a new redevelopment program . . . Read More

West Hartford Transit-Oriented Development Receives Award

616 New Park in West Hartford received a ‘Best in Class’ CREW CT Award. . . . Read More

Somerville’s zoning adventure continues with parking discussions

‘Parking is a very emotional thing to regulate.’ . . . Read More

It’s a Few Years Late, But Denver’s New Train Is Here

Let a thousand transit-oriented  housing developments bloom:  Denver’s new G line commuter train is finally running . . .Read More

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