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September 2012

Using BRT as a Transit Band-Aid

By: Eric Jaffee | When a new metro line opened up in Istanbul a couple weeks ago, it mostly served as a reminder of something the city has been awaiting for the better part of a decade. That would... Continue Reading →

How Will Boomers Reshape U.S. Cities?

By: Ryan Holeywell | Walk around Arlington County, Va., the compact, urbanized jurisdiction just outside Washington, D.C., and you may start to notice some interesting design details. The sidewalks are wide -- six feet in commercial areas and five... Continue Reading →

Smart growth stories: Michael Lander on changing markets and transit-oriented development

As Ridership Increases so Does the Need for Retail

By RJ Long, TRA Project Manger MBTA ridership hit an all-time record of 400 million trips this past fiscal year. The ULI Boston report, Hub and Spoke, predicts that ridership could grow to upwards of 500 million trips by 2021.... Continue Reading →

Market Aspects of TOD in Boston, the Region and the Nation

By William Lawrence Managing Director, Consulting Services Article #1: The National Market Perspective Transit Oriented Development (TOD) is the place to be and the thing to build. This is not to say that it is for everyone, but it is where... Continue Reading →

Let’s swim to work!

This public pressure, combined with new technological cleanup advances, is changing some cities’ waterways so quickly that they may soon be unrecognizable. In fact, this transitional moment might be the most intriguing time to explore such areas, especially for anyone... Continue Reading →

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