Brian Benson | The MetroWest Daily News

MA – Local leaders say they are looking at recommendations outlined in a recent  study on how to accommodate growth along the Rte. 9 corridor while limiting the  amount of new traffic on the busy road.

“Everyone in town knows Rte. 9 is a traffic challenge and it filters out  into the neighborhoods,” said Southborough Planning Board Chairman Don  Morris.

The Rte. 9 MetroWest Smart Growth Plan encourages planners to think about  supporting a mix of commercial and residential uses, improving pedestrian access  and boosting public transportation. The study, which covers the thoroughfare  between Southborough and Wellesley, represents the culmination of a series of  public meetings and outreach with town officials and other stakeholders.

It looks at placing buildings closer to the road so the area feels more  pedestrian-friendly; fostering denser, compact projects; improving sidewalks,  crosswalks and medians and allowing for bus shelters in projects.

The study also recommends reducing the number of curb cuts on Rte. 9 and  improving connections between parcels. Open space should be preserved, including  wetlands, wildlife habitat and opportunities for trails, gardens and  recreational space.

The study presented conceptual visualizations, showing what the  recommendations could look like. The visualizations include an enhanced  pedestrian bridge across Rte. 9 by Framingham State and development of buildings  over the road in the Golden Triangle area. {….}