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Transit-oriented housing may be the wave of the 21st century, especially if environmental activists and smart urban planners have their way. It makes sense, concentrating people into areas that make it easy to get around without needing a car, which reduces congestion and pollution while stimulating people to form community connections. Plus, without cars, people tend to walk and bike more, and getting active has a number of health benefits.

Photo: KurtClark/Flickr
Photo: Kurt Clark/Flickr

In Southern California, San Diego officials have just approved plans for a mixed-use development along the Sprinter light rail system. The development includes housing, shops, and more, all conveniently located close to the train station so residents will be able to quickly and easily catch a train towards work, entertainment, and other activities. It’s good news for San Diego remodelers, too: the contracts on developments this big can get large, and provide lots of opportunities for construction firms.