Nate Boroyan | City News

The Boston Redevelopment Authority and the MBTA have been working together to create a hotbed industrial and manufacturing zone within the City, at the crossroads of four distinct neighborhoods.

The Newmarket Industrial-Commercial Neighborhood District, a chunk of land including Dorchester, South Boston, the South End, and Roxbury, thanks to a BRA rezoning project, is now a distinct development parcel. With more than 700 companies specializing in “food processing, distribution and other light manufacturing industries,” Newmarket is an employment hub.

“Boston’s industrial and manufacturing sectors account for more than 54,000 jobs, and new zoning for Newmarket will keep good jobs in the City of Boston,” Mayor Walsh said. “This neighborhood is at the center of our city’s cutting-edge industrial economy and with this new zoning, we’re confident its evolution will continue.”

Zoning Article 90 makes Newmarket its own unique district, with clearly defined boundaries. Previous zoning boundaries for the district were established based about 50 years ago, to reflect the economy of the 1960s. {….}

Image via the Boston Redevelopment Authority