Bernard L. Kavaler | The Hartford Courant

More than three decades ago, management consultants Tom Peters and Robert Waterman made “management by walking around” one of the hottest trends in corporate America. Now, amidst a steady stream of technological innovations and life-changing breakthroughs, it seems that walking around is making a comeback, for managers and many others.

Let’s start with the 2.0 version of management by Walking Around. If you’re the boss, regularly wandering over to employees’ cubicles to casually say hello, seek ideas and listen to suggestions provides both personal connections and instant feedback that just can’t be achieved as well any other way. That is as true today as a generation ago.

What’s new is the temptation to email a colleague down the hall. Avoid it. Walk over and have a conversation, the way it was done back in the last century. Face-to-face offers benefits — personal and professional — that text-to-text just can’t touch. There are times when talking trumps typing or texting.

Walking can invigorate local economies. There’s a proposal by Julia Pistell, director of writing programs at the Mark Twain House & Museum and the driving force behind Sea Tea Improv, that downtown corporations urge employees go outside and walk around during their lunch breaks, weather permitting. {….}