Joshua Burd |

Twenty years ago it was Montclair and Morristown that were on the verge of downtown revivals that would earn them notoriety across the region. So as New Jersey continues its economic recovery, what are the next towns and cities to keep an eye on?

That’s tough to predict, but experts in New Jersey’s commercial real estate industry say there are some that have the assets in place — like the all-important train station — and the potential to be hotbeds of new activity.

It’s just a matter of embracing development.


The waterfront city in Hudson County has opened its doors to developers in recent months, hoping to introduce them to a 55-acre piece of undeveloped land on the New York Harbor.

And there seems to be sizable interest. In early December, more than 75 individuals from the real estate industry attended a seminar to explore opportunities at the site, giving way to a formal solicitation for interest that was due late last month. {….}