Dave Lazzarino | Edmonton Sun

The first events to be held at the downtown arena will likely be a hot ticket.

But while the $600-million structure is being built at 104 Street and 104 Avenue, few have a ringside seat for the action like Julian Daly.

As executive director of the 10116 105 Ave. Boyle Street Community Services, Daly’s office looks out onto the site where 150 to 300 dump trucks of dirt will be removed each day for the next six weeks to prepare for the arena.

The impact on Boyle Street was on his mind long before the diggers began their work.

“For the last two, perhaps even three years, the impending arena development has been top of mind for us,” said Daly. “It was clear to us for several years now that it was more than likely to happen and if it did happen that would have huge implications for us — we go from being on the margins to right in the center of it.” {….}