Michael Neibauer

Prince George’s County is launching an initiative to draw new development to its underdeveloped Metro stations, establishing five high-priority sites for transit-oriented projects and offering a raft of incentives to spur interest.

Those sites are Largo Town Center, New Carrollton ( future home to the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development), Prince George’s Plaza, Branch Avenue and Suitland.

Despite growing demand for walkable, mixed-use transit-accessible communities, the private sector has yet to embrace Prince George’s 15 Metro stations for that type of development, the county acknowledges.

“Even as new economic development incentive tools are made available, and significant reforms of county processes are underway, far too often we find deals that simply cannot close because of a real or perceived gap in projected Return on Investment, and they fall by the wayside,” the county explains in its “Jump-Starting Transit-Oriented Development” planning document. {….}  Learn more about Transit Oriented Development  at TRAdvisors.com.