Ken Alpern | City Watch LA

Los Angeles – Rightfully so, the advocates for a “Measure R-2” are evaluating new methods, ideas and paradigms to getting a 2/3 majority of voters to support a potential 2016 ballot measure that would create yet another sales tax to pay for the transportation projects and betterments that Southern California ignored for decades.

Such an endeavor almost passed by less than a single percentage point two years ago, and it’s hoped that there were “lessons learned” from that failure–which, it should be noted, had over 65% of those voters approving an extension of the Measure R sales tax.

Voters, taxpayers and commuters are all the same people, and these people are US…and we’re sick of tougher commutes, and want more options.

But the same challenges that existed before persist today: such a new tax demands that our current and future policies enjoy greater Accountability, embrace a Big Picture to include all residents, and strive for greater Credibility than ever before.

Accountability is a problem particularly relevant to the City of Los Angeles, where new City Controller Ron Galperin is employing a straightforward but courageous approach to a more transparent and cost-effective city government–and who isn’t afraid of taking on “sacred cows” like the DWP and its union, the IBEW. {….}