Kathleen McLaughlin | Indianapolis Business Journal

Less parking for cars, and more parking for bikes. More green elements in new developments, and fewer hurdles to reuse vacant buildings. And for the first time, a limit on backyard chickens.

All of that is included in Indy Rezone, a proposed overhaul of the Indianapolis zoning code that’s just a few weeks from its public unveiling. Planners think the code—the first comprehensive revision since 1969—will make the city greener and more bike- and pedestrian-friendly while easing the path to high-density, mixed-use development.

Real estate developers are already moving away from the suburban-style, cookie-cutter designs the current code encourages, but they have to spend a lot of time and money obtaining variances. The new code removes many of those hurdles. So while some developers might grumble about new green requirements or placing parking behind buildings, those familiar with the plan don’t expect a groundswell of opposition. Read more