Lee Chilcote | The Line Media

Participants in C-Change, a year-long professional development program offered by the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, expect to learn new things. Yet sometimes the results are surprising. Recent participants include the heads of two construction firms that won a joint bid to build the city’s streetcar project, and young professionals who used the program as a platform to network their way to their next job.

C-Change participants have become lifelong friends – and even partners. Recently, the program celebrated an unusual milestone, the first time two of its graduates got married.

Programs like C-Change are important because today’s young professionals want more than a job. They want a city they can make their own, whether it’s through renting a unique downtown loft or giving up a car to embrace a city’s public transportation system. They want dense urban amenities that allow them to leap in and have fun when they’re not working, and they want a thick labor market so they can find their next job when they’re ready. Read more