Samantha Henry | The Daily Transcript

Although San Diego has invested billions of dollars in transit-oriented development, the plans don’t resonate at the ground level where communities are reluctant to accept density.

A panel of the ULI San Diego/Tijuana District Council discussed “Community Planning Along Transportation Corridors” Tuesday at the University Club.

A main point of the discussion is the disconnect between the benefits of growth in a community and what the community desires. Joe LaCava, chair of the City of San Diego Community Planners Committee, said community members often prefer their current lifestyle, which lets them jump in their cars and go.

While everyone wants community plan updates, LaCava said, developers and government want to increase density, and communities want to lock in what they have.

Robin Madaffer, a shareholder of San Diego Land Lawyers Inc., said statistics demonstrate a clear need for change. SANDAG’s 2013 forecast sees almost 1 million new residents by 2050, bringing the regional population to more than 4 million people. Read more