Brad Kane | Hartford Business Journal

image via Nexus Energy HomesA main philosophy shared by many economic development officials shaping Hartford’s transportation future is that cars and trucks will not be as important to people’s mobility as they are now.

That reasoning, however, may be flawed, according to Donald Poland, senior vice president of planning at Goman + York Property Advisors in East Hartford.

“We can’t eliminate the automobile from the future,” Poland said. “They have to be considered as viable options.”

Officials at the state Department of Transportation and the Department of Economic and Community Development see cars as being less important in the future because of the rising cost of fuel; the desire of Millennials to live a more urban, transit-oriented lifestyle; and congestion and parking becoming bigger headaches than people want to deal with.

“Gas at $4 per gallon changes how people think about their commutes,” said Tim Sullivan, DECD state director of waterfront, brownfield, and transit-oriented development, “and gas is likelier to be $6 a gallon rather than $2 a gallon any time soon.” Read more