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Map of winning projects selected by USDOT beginning in February 2010 to receive funding from the TIGER grant program. Click a pin to find out more about the project. Information and project descriptions provided in part by the USDOT, some alterations of descriptions and information by Transportation for America. Find out more from T4 America at talking, listening, debating and arguing about how best to get the expanding MetroRail system to LAX, the Westside and South Bay, we’re now budgeted and en route to building a north-south light rail line to connect the east-west Crenshaw and Green Lines, as well as a tentative LAX People Mover connection to the airport central terminals.  And with the Mid-City heartily weighing in on theirown segment of the light rail line, it’s time for the Westside, LAX and South Bay to weigh in as well.

This Thursday night, on September 18th between 7:15 – 9:00 pm, in the second floor auditorium (Room 200) the West LA Muncipal Building (near the intersection of Santa Monica Blvd. and Corinth Ave.), the CD11 Transportation Advisory Committee (co-chaired by yours truly and fellow CityWatch contributor Matthew Hetz) will offer Westchester, Westside and other residents the opportunity to weigh in on the future local stations to benefit their communities.


Metro representative JC Lacey will provide a station-by-station update and overview of the future Crenshaw/LAX Light Rail Line, and will provide maps, discuss grade separations, connectivity of the line with bus routes, address native tree or other plantings, station-adjacent developments and any unresolved or ongoing issues. Read more