Emily Landes | Your Houston News


Doors opened yesterday to the world’s largest showcase for the public transportation industry – the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) EXPO. Public transportation is an innovative industry that serves a progressively crucial role in ensuring America’s economic competitiveness. Public transit is a $58 billion industry that contributes significantly to the American economy.

“Predictable, long-term investment in public transportation is critical to making communities economically competitive,” said APTA President and CEO Michael Melaniphy. “Investment in public transportation drives growth. It attracts development, increases property values along its corridors, and creates transit-oriented communities.”

Currently, the industry directly employs about 400,000 individuals and for each $1 billion invested in public transportation, 50,700 jobs are supported and created. It also enables millions of Americans to reach work affordably, with work commutes making up nearly 60 percent of trips on public transportation. And, the value of this industry has never been more evident. In 2013, 10.7 billion trips were taken on public transit – the highest ridership in 57 years. Read more