Brandon Formby | Dallas News

The Tower Bridge links Sacramento with West Sacramento. imging / Shutterstock.comState transportation officials this week are unveiling early plans for a high-speed train line from Dallas to Fort Worth. Like Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s plans to expand transit service in downtown, the project is an attempt to take advantage of plans for a high-speed rail line from Dallas to Houston.

The Texas Department of Transportation for years has looked at possible high-speed rail lines across the state. None of those lines, including the Dallas-to-Fort Worth one, have funding. But officials have studied the possibilities and potential routes, which ideally would connect the state’s biggest cities and could eventually run from South Texas to Oklahoma City.

“These projects are part of a larger statewide network,” said Erik Steavens, TxDOT’s rail director. “You obviously want to see the network built out in a manner where it can be built out logically.”

The state agency is conducting three meetings across North Texas this week to present where the current plans stand and to gather public comments. TxDOT is looking at running the Dallas-Fort Worth line alongside either the TRE commuter line that already connects the two cities or Interstate 30.

“We’re carrying forward two options to start the conversation, but there may be more options that come out of the process,” Steavens said last week at a North Central Texas Council of Governments committee meeting. Read more