Ken Alpern | City Watch LA

New Haven train station Well, the future is here, and the future is now … almost.  Nearly 15 years after the Metro Board and Staff wisely teamed up with transit advocates to kill the idea of an Expo Busway and agreed to a light rail line, the die was cast for a new alternative to the horrifically-congested I-10 freeway. Now it’s time to focus not only the “sustainability” but the “accountability” of the once-and-future Expo Line:

1) The Expo Line is the perennial example of what will be the countywide rail network for Los Angeles, with a new timetable as to when it will be completed:  2024 (as in the LA City Olympic bid).

The success, anticipation and excitement of a new 21st Century mass transit system during the construction of the Expo Line is what led to a successful Measure R, and might lead to a successful Measure R-2 (although there’s plenty of soured feelings on mass transit and overdevelopment/overdensification, so the latter measure might not happen).

Still, wanna know when the MetroRail network will reach the airport?  Wanna know when we’ll finish the Westside/Mid-City/Downtown rail network?  2020-22 will be the rough date that our current batch of light rail line projects (Expo, Crenshaw/LAX and Downtown Connector) will be completed, with a LAX People Mover to boot. Read more