Joseph De Avila | The Wall Street Journal

Plans are underway to completely rebuild the Metro Center on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz. (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel)Gov. Dannel Malloy plans to push for transportation improvements in the legislative session that begins Wednesday following his inauguration for a second term.

Aides to the Democratic governor say his state of the state speech Wednesday will largely address how to rebuild and unclog Connecticut’s roads and upgrade other aspects of its transit system.

Connecticut Transportation Commissioner James Redeker said Tuesday that the department was close to wrapping up a year-long project called TransformCT. The initiative sought input from residents, business groups and transportation advocates on what types of investments the state should make in transportation over the next 50 years.

He said he expected the department would present a strategy based on these conversations in about a month that will be used “over the course of this legislative session to really frame that into a much more defined set of ideas.”

“We can use that to continue the dialogue about what is most important to people,” Mr. Redeker said.

The Malloy administration’s push for transportation improvements comes at a challenging time for the state. The budget for the coming fiscal year has a $1.3 billion deficit, according to the state’s nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis. The governor’s office hasn’t said how the administration planned to pay for any upgrades to roads or other transit projects.

A White House economic analysis from July 2014 found that 41% of the state’s roads were in poor condition. Connecticut was tied with Rhode Island with the highest percentage of poor roads. Read more