Dyke Hendrickson | Newburyport Daily News

Plans are underway to completely rebuild the Metro Center on Pacific Avenue in downtown Santa Cruz. (Dan Coyro -- Santa Cruz Sentinel)A construction project that until recently was described as an apartment complex with some affordable units near the MBTA train line is emerging as a modern live-work innovation hub where professionals can make their careers as well as their homes.

Louis Minicucci, founder and president of MINCO Corp. of North Andover, spoke before the Affordable Housing Trust last night.

In a meeting that included members of the Housing Trust, the Planning Board and Mayor Donna Holaday, he outlined the plan that he proposes to launch: One Boston Way, Residences at Clipper City Innovation Hub.

It will offer “luxury apartments with modern design, amenities of a corporate office, great potential for company space, and the leisure of no commute to work.”

Though numbers could change, he indicated there would be about 80 units — 70 apartments and about 10 live-work spaces.

On the ground floor, there could be as much as 3,500 square feet of space for a business center that could “be used by a software engineer who meets an entrepreneur who gets to know a marketing executive.”

“This could be an excellent site for small businesses that could work in Newburyport, and get on the train to Boston when they needed to,” said the executive, who has built thousands of residential and business units on the North Shore over a four-decade career.

City officials had indicated that MINCO was considering 64 units with some retail, but his presentation outlined a more ambitions plan with a major business-office accent. Read more