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March 2015

America’s Largest Urban Cores

Wendell Cox | Huffington Post America's cities (metropolitan areas) changed radically since the dawn of World War II. At that point, cities were dominated by their core municipalities (central cities), around which people traveled much greater percentages by transit and... Continue Reading →

Pittsburg: Transit-friendly development near BART in the city’s plans

Sam Richards | News   The city is on board with the regional trend toward transit-friendly housing, as plans call for such development adjacent to the existing Pittsburg-Bay Point BART station and to a planned eBART "Pittsburg Center" station... Continue Reading →

Public-Private Partnerships Key to Transit Planning

Residential, retail development should be fostered near bus and train lines Lee D. Hoffman | The Connecticut Law Tribune When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy announced his 30-year, $100 billion transportation plan for Connecticut, he gave the state a long overdue... Continue Reading →

As Development Devours Greenery, ‘Park Scores’ Could be Key

Michael Kahn | Atlanta Curbed With a surge of intown development in the last few years, many have praised the densification and urbanization of the Big Peach, or have at least awarded golf claps to its baby steps. Transit-oriented developments have become all the... Continue Reading →

Atlanta Called Out for Urban Sprawl

The report reveals implementing smarter urban growth policies on a global scale could reduce urban infrastructure capital requirements by more than $3 trillion over the next 15 years Jennifer LeClaire | Would you believe urban sprawl costs the American economy over... Continue Reading →

Wonderland Ballroom on The Market

Seth Daniel | Revere Journal Owners of the Wonderland Ballroom have retained a broker and are marketing the property actively, with residential transit-oriented development as a focus. TR Advisors of Boston has been retained as the broker for the Wonderland... Continue Reading →

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