The development's advisors include "two former Disney execs" Travel options grants fund projects designed to improve air quality and increase mobility via biking, walking, ride sharing, telecommuting and public transit.
Amelia Taylor-Hochberg | Archinect News

On Monday, Feb. 23, Metro announced 18 projects from around the region that will receive a total of $2.1 million in grants to make it easier for people to walk, bike, take transit or carpool. The grantees for the travel options program’s 2015-2017 cycle, listed alphabetically, are as follows:

Beaverton School District, Safe Routes to School Program: $158,000

The Beaverton School District will reignite its Safe Routes to School program by hiring a program coordinator to provide leadership and expanded program offerings. The program provides school-appropriate programs and training to help communities and students reduce reliance on private auto travel and help them find and choose non-drive alone options. This program will also help reduce reliance on busing students to these schools, and ensure more young people feel comfortable walking and biking at an early age using the “6E approach”: Encouragement, Education, Enforcement, Equity, Evaluation and Engineering. These skills and knowledge of the benefits of using a variety of travel options will follow students into adulthood.

Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Expanding Access to Bicycling: $155,040

The Bicycle Transportation Alliance seeks to support the region’s health, equity, and Climate Smart Strategy goals by building on its successful Bike Commute Challenge program to deliver positive bicycling experiences to a diversity of regoinal residents with the goal of expanding personal options to access work, school and neighborhood destinations by bike. The project has three key components: the Bike Commute Challenge, geographically‐focused community engagement in East Portland and Washington County and a new woman‐focused bicycling initiative. Read more