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(Francisco Kjolseth | Tribune file photo) Bicyclists make their way through Salt Lake City traffic. Officials are pushing to promote more walking and biking as the Wasatch Front population is predicted to double in coming decades.The city is on board with the regional trend toward transit-friendly housing, as plans call for such development adjacent to the existing Pittsburg-Bay Point BART station and to a planned eBART “Pittsburg Center” station at Railroad Avenue and Highway 4.

The latest in-progress update of the “housing element” of Pittsburg’s general plan includes those developments clustered around BART. Building homes close to mass transit is called for under Plan Bay Area, a combined transportation/housing strategy approved in 2013 by the Association of Bay Area Governments executive board and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

The city in 2009 rezoned land near Railroad Avenue and Highway 4, and near Highway 4 and Bailey Road, for high-density housing (apartments and/or condominiums).

“A lot of the planning is geared toward encouraging development in the … areas near the BART stations,” said Kristin Pollot, Pittsburg’s planning manager.

The diesel-powered “eBART” trains will meet the standard electric-powered trains at the Pittsburg-Bay Point station and operate 10 miles east to the planned Hillcrest Avenue station in Antioch. The eBART “phase two” would one day bring trains as far southeast as Discovery Bay/Byron. Read more