Dirk Perrefort | NewsTimes.com

Local officials are concerned that proposals to create a statewide transit development authority with eminent domain powers could impact local redevelopment plans surrounding Bethel's train station. Photo: Carol KaliffLocal officials and developers raised concerns this week about how a proposal to create a statewide transit development authority could affect redevelopment efforts underway in the region.

The proposal to create the authority with powers of eminent domain was approved this week by a split vote of the Legislature’s Transportation Committee and now moves to the full General Assembly for consideration. The proposal, which received little attention until this week, would create an authority that officials say could override local control.

That’s at a time when Bethel officials are preparing to move forward with their own transit-oriented development district surrounding the town’s train station. Danbury officials are also concerned about how the proposal could affect ongoing redevelopment efforts in the city’s center, where a $70 million housing development touted as the key to reviving downtown is already underway. Read more