Mechelle Hankerson | North Raleigh News

courtesy of Shalom Baranes ArchitectsCity leaders are working their way through a process that could lead to the creation of more dense growth in urban cores and the protection of suburban and residential areas.

Raleigh is updating its zoning designations, which lay out what types of development can go in certain parts of the city. The changes would bring the designations in line with the new unified development ordinance, or UDO, which sets rules for new growth.

While much of the process is bureaucratic and esoteric, the rules affect things that sometimes draw complaints from neighbors, like the height of new buildings.

For two years, the city has been working under two different development codes. The updated designations, reflected in a city zoning map, will put everything under one ordinance, eliminating any confusion about proposed development projects.

“Everyone will be operating under the new code, and we can put the old code on the shelf,” said Travis Crane, a city planner who oversaw the remapping process.

City staff and the Raleigh Planning Commission worked to apply new zoning designations to about 70 percent of the city, Crane said. The city council will have to give final approval to the changes. Read more