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May 2016

Affordable Housing Project Coming to Newport’s Transit Station

A 42-unit affordable housing complex will be built next to Newport's new transit station, the first step in an ambitious plan to revive a blighted area of the Washington County city....Read More

Hudson rail tunnel could be unusable before new one is built, study says

Red tape could delay a project that would build two rail tunnels under the Hudson River and push commuters closer to the nightmare scenario of losing an existing tunnel for repairs...Read More

Where New York Is Gentrifying and Where It Isn’t

Gentrification in New York City has surged over the past couple of decades as affluent residents, young empty-nesters, and the super-rich have flocked to the city... Read More Federico Rostagno /

First class allocation on trains could be reduced to ease overcrowding

The amount of space set aside on train carriages for first class travel could be reduced as a way of tackling overcrowding, a government document has suggested....Read More   A passenger in first class during a journey to Manchester on... Continue Reading →

Why Transit-Oriented Developments Do Not Need Transit

Urban planners have invested a lot of energy in the idea of transit oriented developments (TODs).  Developing dense housing near rail stations with mixed land uses and better walkability is intended...Read More Photo Credit : Markus Spiering / Flickr

Illinois Voters to Decide on Transportation Trust Fund in November

Instead of voting on new taxes to reduce transportation revenue shortfalls, Illinois voters will decide on a constitutional amendment to ensure that transportation fees and taxes are only spent on roads and transit, the so-called "lockbox" measure Read more ... Steven... Continue Reading →

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