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June 2016

Atlanta streetcar still in limbo over safety concerns

The City of Atlanta on Tuesday submitted plans to fix a slew of problems with its troubled streetcar, but it’s unclear whether those plans will pass muster with state regulators who have threatened to shut it down. Read More…

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Hollywood hopes to get a Tri-Rail Coastal Link Station Downtown at Hollywood Blvd.

David Volz | Hollywood Gazette


The City of Hollywood is hoping that the Tri-Rail Coastal Link will place one its stations in the City.


“We would like to be one of the first train stations for the Coastal Link and we believe Hollywood would be a good place to locate a train station,” said Raelin Storey, spokesperson for Hollywood.


This commuter train service would connect up the downtowns of coastal South Florida and Hollywood is one of the cities that is being considered for a train station to be located in Downtown Hollywood on 21st Avenue and Taylor Street.


“Hollywood is an ideal location for a stop because the rail corridor is immediately adjacent to our historic downtown. The land use is already in place for a regional activity center. This creates a very walkable, transit and pedestrian friendly stop. There is existing residential with 600 more units planned along with existing retail and office development all within a one fourth mile of this proposed stop,’ said Susan Goldberg, deputy director of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA).


Also there is discussion underway for the expansion of the existing higher education facility, Barry University, which will further the area’s appeal for creating a true transit-oriented development.


The unique character and historic identity of Downtown Hollywood will draw people to get off the train at the Hollywood Boulevard Station. In the section west of Dixie Highway, a high-intensity mixed-use corridor will be developed to serve the transit station and nearby residences. In the section east of Dixie Highway, along Hollywood Boulevard and toward Young Circle, the historic buildings will be renovated to reinforce its unique historic identity. Planned development in the area will encourage people to visit Downtown Hollywood where they will be able to enjoy art and entertainment offerings.


The effort to bring a commuter train service to the FEC corridor is being led by the Florida Department of Transportation in conjunction with the South Florida Regional Transit Authority and partnering agencies: Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), the Southeast Florida Transportation Council (SEFTC), and the South Florida and Treasure Coast Regional Planning Councils.  This commuter train service would connect up the downtowns of coastal South Florida, according to Goldberg.

So, how close is the apartment to public transit?

When Evan Ozimek-Maier and his wife, Alyssa, moved back to Massachusetts from California, they had one key requirement for their new home: It had to be close to public transportation. Read more…


06/08/16: West Concord, MA: Evan and Alyssa Ozimek-Maier are pictured outside of the Brookside Square development where they reside. In the background left is part of West Concord Village. (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis) section:wewk topic: 19zotransit(3) (Globe Staff Photo/Jim Davis)



Make room for Granny, and other zoning fixes

As the population ages in Massachusetts, cities and towns across the state should make room for Grandma and Grandpa even in residential areas dominated by single-family homes.  Read more…

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