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July 2016

What the Paris Trams Can Teach U.S. Cities

It’s been more than thirty years since an American city opened a new subway system, but transit agencies haven’t stopped investing in rail… Read More



“2013-02-17 17-47-19” by Enzo Jiang is licensed under CC BY 2.0

All Signs Point To Transit-Oriented Development

Middle class life is increasingly under siege in Greater Boston…Read more…


Rio’s new subway line is running out of time before Olympics

Serious doubts are emerging about whether a vital subway line, expected to transport hundreds of thousands of Olympics fans and athletes, can be ready before the Summer Games begin.  Read more…

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Pittsburgh transit costs, efficiency lagging despite improvements

Port Authority has turned around its finances in recent years, allowing it to restore bus service in limited areas and decrease fares for some riders. Read More…

Lake Fong/Post-Gazette

Leaders strive to fix Miami’s Transportation problems

Though Miami’s transportation problems are well known, there’s also no shortage of leaders trying to break the gridlock. Read More…

Leaders strive to fix Miami’s Transportation problems

Did California bullet train officials ignore warning about need for taxpayer money?

When a Spanish firm submitted a bid last year to help build the California bullet train, it cautioned that taxpayer money probably would be needed to keep the system operating. Read More…

High-speed train in Spain

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