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January 2017

Multifamily Developers Willing to Pay More to Build Near Mass Transit Stops

For multifamily developers searching for the most desirable project sites . . . Read More

America’s Oldest Mall Now Houses Affordable Micro Apartments

Built in 1828, the first enclosed shopping mall in America . . . Read More

McKinsey Report Weighs Solutions For California’s Affordable Housing Crisis

While access to affordable housing may have historically been thought of primarily as a problem for low-income households, . . .Read More

One Connecticut town swaps a derelict mall for a 14.4-acre, community-centered green space

Malls, those slumbering gray boxes marching across the American suburban landscape . . . Read More

NYC unveils new affordable housing developed by women and people of color

As part of an ongoing affordable housing development drive, New York City . . . Read More

Can buses be cool? Transit advocates hope so

Stacy Thompson wants buses to be cool. It might seem like a long shot, but she’s not alone. . . . Read More

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