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November 2017

Report tells municipalities to prepare for transit-oriented future

The New York metropolitan region is “struggling under the weight of its own success,” . . . Read More

Historic Rogers Park building to be preserved and expanded into apartments

A plan to reuse and expand a 100-year-old Rogers Park building looks to be the latest project to hop on Chicago’s transit-oriented development (TOD) bandwagon. . . . Read More

How Small Can You Go? Miami Eyes Micro-Units at 275 Square Feet

Miamians looking for affordable apartments soon might have a new option  . . . Read More

Transit-centric communities sprouting in the suburbs

A strip mall on Main Street in west suburban Bartlett represents a leading 1970s and ’80s suburban style . . .  Read More

Greenway District Is Charlotte’s Latest Transit-Oriented Development

For those who cannot decide between proximity to the light rail or a greenway, a new choice will offer both. . . . Read More

Valparaiso moving ahead with creating transit hub adjacent to downtown

VALPARAISO — In what officials here hope will be the near future, . . . Read More

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