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December 2017

Toronto delivers its largest subway expansion in decades

Toronto opened the largest expansion of its subway system in decades on December 17th,  . . . Read More

Leaders envision downtown boom with Richmond BART improvements

RICHMOND — Officials from the city and BART cut the ribbon on a new pedestrian-  . . . Read More

Season’s Greetings!

Happy Holidays to all!

Morning Commute Feeling More Crowded? Blue Line Sees Explosive Growth, Data Show

It’s not just you. Blue Line trains along the O’Hare branch are getting more crowded during morning rush hour. . . .  Read More

Amtrak names team to redevelop Baltimore’s Penn Station, surrounding Amtrak properties

The long-discussed redevelopment of Baltimore’s Penn Station . . . Read More

Boston’s Fenway Center will break ground after 15 years of delays

A massive, 1.1 million square foot development adjacent to Fenway Park in Boston is finally set to rise . . .    Read More

From Brownfields to a New Transit-Oriented Downtown

A San Francisco Bay area suburban city of 72,000 people incorporated in 1095, Union City . . .  Read More

Non-Profit’s Goal To Strengthen Racial Equity With Transit-Oriented Development

CHICAGO (CBS) — A non-profit believes neighborhood transit is the catalyst for future economic growth in depressed areas of Chicago. . . .Read More

Montgomery County Council Approves Plan For 1,500 Units At Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro

A six-building, transit-oriented development, which would bring up to 1,500 new multifamily units to the area around the Grosvenor-Strathmore Metro station,  . . . Read More

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