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February 2018

The Obstacles to — and Opportunities for — Transit-Oriented Development in San Diego

Neighbors often oppose new development, but San Diego still has plenty of options. Many areas near trolley stations zoned for industrial businesses are ripe for the sort of dense projects the city says it wants. . . . Read More

How will Boston handle its largest wave of development to date?

Can a new ‘L’ construction project turn a dark Woodlawn intersection into a bright spot?

Novelist Nelson Algren wrote that “Every day is D-Day under the ‘L.’ ” . . . Read More

Hawaii Construction Industry Outlook 2018

The Solutions: Looking ahead, moving forward. . . . Read More

New City Council bill calls for more transit-oriented development along the El

New legislation introduced to City Council last week aims to promote more private and affordable development near public transportation, specifically along the El. . . . Read More

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