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June 2018

Where to put affordable housing? On top of a light rail station

Affordable housing is finally going to sprout right on top of the Capitol Hill light rail station. But some think it’s too little. . . . Read More

7 projects between the 7s in downtown Phoenix

The city blocks between the sevens throughout downtown, midtown and uptown Phoenix are no longer day-time communities after more than a decade of investments into the area.  . . . Read More

Lansdale exists because of the railroad. Now those tracks may be key to its future.

The Black Reserve Bookstore is about a block from Lansdale’s century-old train station . . .    Read More

Toronto’s new wave of development looks for community, not just condos

In Toronto, which is swelling with new developments, condos, and arrivals, the Well, a massive mixed-use project, shows how the city continues to evolve. . . . Read More

Council approves ‘workforce housing’ project

Apartment complex at busy intersection receives green light.  Read More

Transit-Oriented Development Comes To Grand Central Terminal

There are few transit centers more conveniently located than Grand Central Terminal.  . . . Read More

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