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June 2018

Toronto’s new wave of development looks for community, not just condos

In Toronto, which is swelling with new developments, condos, and arrivals, the Well, a massive mixed-use project, shows how the city continues to evolve. . . . Read More

Council approves ‘workforce housing’ project

Apartment complex at busy intersection receives green light.  Read More

Transit-Oriented Development Comes To Grand Central Terminal

There are few transit centers more conveniently located than Grand Central Terminal.  . . . Read More

When Public Transportation Leads to Gentrification

There once was a time in America when people of means weren’t keen on the idea of living right next to a rail station. . . . Read More

Decatur Rezones Area Around Avondale MARTA Station to Mixed Use

The Decatur City Commission recently voted to rezone 45.5 acres in the east Decatur area for mixed use development. . . . Read More

FTA makes grants available for TOD planning

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) yesterday announced the availability of $25.8 million in grant funds to support planning for transit-oriented development (TOD). . . . Read More

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