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August 2018

Bill Would Let BART Ignore Zoning Laws In Quest For Transit Villages

A bill to allow BART to fast-track its own high-density housing developments is gathering steam in the state legislature. . . . Read More

In The Works: 3 New Developments Coming To Prince George’s County

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Boston Developers Are The Tool The MBTA Needs To Unlock Future Growth

While Massachusetts is finally tackling its rail transportation network’s backlog of costly repairs, developers say they can contribute in giving the region the transportation system it will need for tomorrow. . . . Read More

Charlotte Moves toward a Car-Free City Center

North Carolina’s NASCAR capital reimagines its Uptown neighborhood as a pedestrian-centered, mixed-use idyll. But in the drive to redevelop, has affordability been left behind? . . . Read More

What will happen to Walmart’s building in White Plains?

Walmart’s decision to vacate its storefront at 275 Main St. in downtown White Plains has left many to wonder what will happen to the 179,000 square feet of retail space the store will leave behind. . . . Read More

Alameda Point Mixed-use Project, California

The Alameda Point mixed-use project is a transit-oriented development located on the site of the former Naval Air Station in Alameda, California, US. . . . Read More

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