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October 2018

Consultants see half-billion dollar potential in Durham, Orange light-rail stations

The jobs, affordable housing and other community benefits Chapel Hill gains from the Durham-Orange light-rail project will depend on local decisions made now, say town and GoTriangle staff members. . . . Read More

A historic $2.7-billion plan will expand Atlanta’s MARTA transit system

MARTA's $2.7-billion expansion plan is the largest development the transit agency has undertaken in decades. . . . Read More

Redeveloping a Historic Boston Sports Venue: The Hub on Causeway

For Boston sports fans, the site of The Hub on Causeway development is hallowed ground.  . . . Read More

Transit-Oriented Development Comes to Fort Worth

Texas's newest commuter rail project will connect Dallas Fort Worth Airport with downtown Fort Worth . . .  Read More

October 8th is a Federal Holiday.


A ‘transit-oriented’ success story

A test of whether a downtown high-rise apartment development in Evanston could succeed with limited on-site parking has turned out to be a success. . . . Read More

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