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March 2019

Parking Madness 2019 Round 1: Oakland vs. Atlanta

A second round in this year’s Parking Madness competition — comparing different cities that have repaired their parking craters with useful infill development: more city! . . . Read More

Using Transit-Oriented Development to Promote Economic and Racial Justice

Transit-oriented development in Chicago often inspires conversations about equity, . . . Read More

Caltrain Charts the Future for Agency’s Land

Officials eyeing housing, retail and offices on railroad corridor. . . . Read More

Pioneering Autonomous Shuttle to Begin Service at Doraville Development This Spring

Atlanta’s first driverless vehicle service will ferry passengers between Assembly Yards and nearby MARTA stop.  . . .   Read More

Light rail impacts various submarkets differently

Transit-oriented development continues to be a hot topic of conversation among all stakeholders in commercial real estate in the Denver area. . . . Read More

Here’s the 101: How to create transit-oriented communities in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is implementing the most ambitious transportation improvement plan in North America. . . . Read More

Woodbine to fund new GO station at its racetrack

Queen’s Park, Metrolinx and Woodbine Entertainment have announced a plan to build a new GO station near Woodbine Racetrack in the Etobicoke community of Toronto with Woodbine footing the entire bill. . . . Read More

Successful Redevelopment Requires Strong Local Leadership, NJ Future Panel Says

Redevelopment experts who spoke at the NJ Future Redevelopment Forum say new tools are needed to determine how to prioritize infrastructure investments in cities, towns and regions, so that businesses and jobs can grow. . . . Read More

TriMet to sell 7 sites near MAX lines for $20 million

A growing number of developers, business owners are exploring TOD projects, with TriMet on the case. . . . Read More

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