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March 2019

Woodbine to fund new GO station at its racetrack

Queen’s Park, Metrolinx and Woodbine Entertainment have announced a plan to build a new GO station near Woodbine Racetrack in the Etobicoke community of Toronto with Woodbine footing the entire bill. . . . Read More

Successful Redevelopment Requires Strong Local Leadership, NJ Future Panel Says

TriMet to sell 7 sites near MAX lines for $20 million

A growing number of developers, business owners are exploring TOD projects, with TriMet on the case. . . . Read More

San Diego eliminates parking requirements for transit-adjacent projects

In California, when it rains, it pours. … Read More

Vancouver considers rental-only zoning around proposed SkyTrain line to UBC

“Emergency” zoning policy motion put forward by City Councillor.

Read More


Advisory panel says highway-capping ‘Stitch’ project could cost $452M

Planning and development experts say the time is now to launch fundraising efforts. . . .Read More

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