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December 2019

Christmas Day 2019

Happy Holidays from TOD News

Report says land at T stations could handle 253,000 housing units — and ease traffic gridlock

Housing-starved Massachusetts could add a quarter-million homes just by building more around MBTA stations.  . . . Read More

Denver looks to extend funding for transit-oriented, affordable housing development

Denver’s newly created Department of Housing Stability intends to extend the funding for transit-oriented development . . . Read More

Metro to sell West Hyattsville land to the only developers who can build on it

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is prepared to sell a 5-acre parcel adjacent to the West Hyattsville Metro station   . . .     Read More

Project Team Breaks Ground on one of the Bay Area’s Largest Transit-Oriented Developments

The estimated $400-million Gateway project is considered one of the largest transit-oriented developments in the Bay Area. . . . Read More

Road Runner: Tucson is laying groundwork for transit lines running from airport to Tucson Mall

The city of Tucson is seeking a federal grant to help further its plans for a 15-mile, high-capacity transit line . . . Read More

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