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April 2020

Sunset Station, San Antonio, TX

During the Covid-19 quarantine, we are featuring beautiful and architecturally interesting transit stations.   Amtrak previously used the historic Southern Pacific Railroad (SP) Station, also known as Sunset Station. It was designed by SP's architect Daniel J. Patterson in the Spanish... Continue Reading →

TOD Success Stories

While we adhere to stay at home & social distancing advisories, here is a TOD success story - the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor in Arlington, VA. . . . Read More

Pittsburg to buy $1.4 million prime property near BART station

The City to borrow money from Housing Authority to complete deal on long sought-after parcel near the Pittsburg City Center BART Station. . . . Read More

Patriots Day 2020 in Massachusetts

Patriots Day, commemorating Paul Revere's ride from Boston to the sites of the first battles of the American Revolution, is celebrated on the 3rd Monday in April.  All of the traditional Patriots Day events were cancelled.  The Boston Marathon  is... Continue Reading →

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