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August 2020

Six years later, work is at full tilt on Indigo Block

After several years of planning, construction is now in full swing at the site of Indigo Block, a mixed-use project in the Uphams Corner neighborhood that will transform what was once a vacant eyesore into homes and businesses. . .... Continue Reading →

Mixed-use Walkable Laurel project clears development hurdle as concept plan is approved

Walkable Laurel, a proposed 73-unit, mixed-use apartment project in Laurel, ... would be located on 1.47 acres between B and C streets at Tolson Alley in Old Town. . . . Read More

A vacant lot in Gary, Indiana, will soon be home to a climate-friendly community

The $11 million Broadway Lofts project is part of Indiana’s Moving Forward incentive that targets net-zero, transit-oriented affordable housing. . . . Read More

Tuk Tuk Go: Is This the Vehicle That Will Rescue Public Transit?

One thing has become clear in this current pandemic: The last thing anyone should want to do is spend lots of time in an enclosed space with lots of other people close by. . . .Read More

Fairfax County found a way to upzone in Tysons with minimal roadblocks

Reflecting recommendations from a diverse group of stakeholders, Tysons crafted a transit-oriented plan . . . Read More

Transit-oriented communities on the horizon?

Toronto could soon join the ranks of cities like Vancouver, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Tokyo and Singapore – all home to compact communities that are closely integrated with mass transit. . . . Read More

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