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June 2021

North of Boston, an old industrial city gets a second look

When you pull in to Lynn's Central Square station on a commuter rail train, the city's industrial past is easy to spot. . . .  Read More

Previously owned MARTA land to be used to develop affordable housing for seniors

According to a MARTA spokesperson, the agency sold two parcels of land near the Avondale rail station on the Blue Line for the development of 80 housing units for seniors. . . . Read More

Toronto’s Winter Stations unveils winners in a special late spring edition

Back to the Beach (Kind Of) . . . Read More

Google’s 80-acre Downtown West mega-development scores unanimous approval from San Jose City Council

The council’s formal blessing follows an enthusiastic thumbs up from the San Jose Planning Commission in April. . . .Read More

Transit oriented housing project may help reshape area around transportation center in Woburn, MA

For decades now, Woburn and Wilmington officials have plugged the reconstruction of a New Boston Street bridge as critical to refueling the region’s already-humming economic engine. . . . Read More

New Asheville development to combine public transit with affordable housing

A new and improved transit center will also include affordable housing, commercial use + other public space.  . . .Read More

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