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September 2022

Celebrating a Big Win for the Climate, Housing, and Rational Planning: Governor Newsom Signs Parking Bill

A.B. 2097 is a "no-brainer" climate bill - now law- that will prohibit cities from setting a minimum parking requirement on developments near transit.Read More

Tempe’s Car-Free Developers Headed to Atlanta

The developer . . . has been selected as the developer for a high-profile location along the Atlanta BeltLine. . . .Read More

TOD is finally coming east of the Anacostia River. What’s planned, and why did it take so long?

The environmental and human health benefits of TOD are well documented . . . Read More

Northwestern’s $130 Million Bronzeville Clinic, 43 Green And Black-Owned Dispensary Get Key City Backing

Four projects on Chicago's Near South Side are one step closer to reality, potentially . . . Read More

Miami-Dade Moves to Make Zoning Changes to Boost Housing Supply

The county hopes proposals to legalize accessory rental units and encourage transit-oriented development will mitigate the region’s housing crisis. . . . Read More

Evermont Project Brings Affordable Housing and Community Development to Site of LA Uprising

The development . . . bringing a public boarding school and a transit-oriented mixed-use development with retail and job training services . . . Read More

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