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January 2023

MARTA sets redevelopment sights on westernmost train station

22 acres around H.E. Holmes transit hub targeted for “diverse” development, repurposing . . . Read More

How WA’s legislature is addressing the housing crisis in 2023

Lawmakers aim to tackle housing costs from all angles . . . Read More

Utah approves housing, transit zoning for Vineyard downtown plan

Vineyard city has high aspirations for the future of transit in its new downtown, . . . Read More


RI Public Transit Authority launches RFP to develop new, innovative transit centre “We are excited to move ahead with a state-of-the-art transit centre . . . " . . . Read More

New York aims for 800,000 new homes via zoning reform, transit-oriented development

The New York Housing Compact, announced by Governor Kathy Hochul on Tuesday, . . . Read More

Transit-Oriented Development with Soccer

Learn about StationSoccer, an innovative program in Atlanta which connects communities through transit, soccer, and leadership training. . . . Read More

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