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How to make parking work for 21st century transportation

Public transit in the United States…Read More

Framingham Puts Transit-Oriented Development On Fast Track

 Framingham rezoned the heart of its downtown…Modera-Framingham-300x168Read More

As heat waves worsen, cities are trying hard to stay cool

Between seemingly unrelenting heat waves . . . Read More

Green Line extension spawns its first big apartment complex

A 42-unit apartment complex… Read More

MARTA proposal includes high-rise towers on top of Arts Center station

MARTA has begun negotiations that could lead to the development of an ambitious mixed-use project . . . Read More

MARTA Arts Center Station

Trend Toward Reduced Parking Requirements For U.S. Cities

Developers say that parking requirements make it more difficult to build affordable housing in high-cost cities like Chicago, Washington, D.C., and New York City . . . Read MoreParking Lot 11865793525_8be6fbf31f_b

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