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Celebrating Presidents’ Day

Today we honor and remember all past US presidents and in particular, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Washington & Lincoln

President’s  Day was created in 1879, first celebrated the following year. It was originally held on Washington’s actual birthday (February 22).  It was the first federal holiday to be created in honor of an American citizen.  In 1971 the holiday was changed to the third Monday of February.

Alongside New Light Rail Stations, Seattle Plans Affordable Housing

Affordable apartments near reliable public transportation aren’t always easy to find. As Seattle expands its Link light rail, the city has codified a solution. . . . Read More

College Park’s 320-acre ‘Airport City’ could break ground this summer

The largest mixed-use development ever planned south of Interstate 20 in Metro Atlanta could show signs of life as soon as this summer . . .  Read More

Chicago’s South and West sides have most to gain from bus-focused development pus

Most transit-oriented development so far has been clustered on the North Side and Near West sides, the Metropolitan Planning Council found, reinforcing decades of underinvestment in segregated neighborhoods. . . . Read More

What Housing-Starved Cities Can Learn From This Major City’s Single-Family Zoning Ban

In December, the city passed Minneapolis 2040, a comprehensive development plan that promotes density around transit hubs and eliminates single-family-only zoning, enabling triplex developments on lots once reserved for single-family homes. . . . Read More

San Jose devotes nearly $100 million to affordable housing

The money will be spread across at least 11 projects.  . . . Read More

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