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What is ‘Bus Rapid Transit’?

Richard Whittaker | The Austin Chronicle  Capital Metro calls the new MetroRapid service a bus rapid transit system (BRT), but that term is about more than just fast buses. In fact, there's no international or even national consensus on exactly... Continue Reading →

2014 AIA Institute Honor Awards for Regional & Urban Design

Karissa Rosenfield | ArchDailySix US projects have been selected by the American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) for honorably expanding the role of the architect beyond the building and into the realms of urban design, regional and city planning, and community... Continue Reading →

Using the MBTA saves commuters $13,000 a year

Winter is upon us, and that means slushy, icy and dangerous roadways. You can alleviate the stress of dealing with road conditions while saving money by letting public transit get you where you need to go. Consider the facts from... Continue Reading →

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