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Trains And Games: Boston’s Top Teams Look To Pair Transit With Athletic Developments

Whether the location is by a new commuter rail stop in Brighton or directly above North Station downtown, Boston’s sports teams are embracing transit-oriented development . . . Read More

Roadway Dedicated as part of Urban Village Project

Riverfront Drive Attleboro

Riverwalk Drive photo/Martin Gavin/The Sun Chronicle

Former Attleboro mayor Judith Robbins was known for her vision of Attleboro’s downtown: . . . Read More

Nashville transit plan a boon for real estate market, pros say

Don Hayes is looking forward to walking out the front door of his new East Nashville townhome and stepping aboard a train . . . Read More

Rail Service Gets off to Running Start With Support From STV

BOSTON – Commuter rail service is off to a running start near the new Boston Landing campus, . . . Read Mord

A former industrial site pumps life into the city

Over the past decade and a half, the Larkin District in Buffalo, New York, . . .Read More

Gary looks to cut red tape in redevelopment

A key City Council vote encourages redevelopment of the area around the Miller train station . . .Read More

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