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Measure G in Redlands is a big deal. Here’s why

Debate is just as much about the character of Redlands as it is about housing policies. . . .  Read More

Berkeley Greenlights BART Housing in Principle, But the Devil Is In the Details.

Some observers are prioritizing maximum housing density, but other residents near the Ashby station are pushing for 100 percent affordability. . . . Read More

Denton County transit agency completes A-train rail trail

The Denton County Transit Agency completed a 19-mile mixed-used trail along its A Line Commuter Line . . .     Read More

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Celebrating the life and achievements of Dr. King.  

January 20, 2020

ML King Jr.

Construction Underway at Sycamore on Main in Brockton for 48-Unit Transit-Oriented Multifamily

Sycamore on Main will offer 48 apartments for households with a range of incomes in downtown Brockton, just steps away from the city’s commuter rail station. . . . Read More

10 Boston developments to watch in 2020

So far, Boston’s building boom shows no signs of abating in 2020. . . . Read More

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