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Why there are fewer cars now on Salt Lake City’s 400 South

TRAX is driving down traffic volume along this key road connecting downtown to the University of Utah. . . .Read More

Affordable Housing Fund Boosts MARTA TOD Program

Morgan Stanley and National Equity Fund are establishing a $100 million fund to support the long-term preservation of affordable housing within a one-mile radius of Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority rail stations. . . . Read More

KOP Rail Project Gets $360K Federal Lifeline For 5 New Stations

The Federal Transit Authority has awarded the project a $360,000 Transit Oriented Development Planning grant to help actualize the extension, which was put in peril by COVID-19-related funding issues. . . . Read More

UTA and Clearfield City working on plan for large-scale transit-oriented development at FrontRunner station

The Utah Transit Authority is working through the details of a plan that aims to bring a new, multimillion-dollar transit-oriented development to Clearfield. . . . Read More

TX: Fort Worth and Plano are 50 miles apart, but soon this train will connect them

The Silver Line will run along the old Cotton Belt freight rail line through Plano, Dallas, Carrollton, Richardson, Addison and Coppell before arriving at DFW Airport. . . . Read More

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