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City of Oakland Affordable Housing Development Projects Awarded $90 Million from State Climate Action Programs

Three affordable housing developers were awarded a total of nearly $90 million . . . Read More

Coronavirus cuts come for media, transit, and architectural billings

Local transit could be another victim of the pandemic. . . . Read More  Read More

Columbus, OH to bridge mobility silos through LinkUS initiative

The LinkUS Mobility Corridors Initiative has kicked off in the Columbus, OH region as an umbrella program for public and private entities to collaborate on mobility efforts. . . . Read More

Argyle Gardens, an affordable housing community opens in North Portland, OR

Metro contributed $340,000 to the project which created 71 new apartments near the Kenton/ N Denver MAX station. . . . Read More

Mixed-use residential building approved in Plainfield, NJ

The Plainfield Planning Board approved a mixed-use residential building in the newly created transit-oriented downtown development zone (TODD) . . . Read More

The Dying Mall’s New Lease on Life: Apartments

As the pandemic hastens the retail apocalypse, some developers are betting that empty malls can mix housing with stores and community space. . . . Read More

The Fourth of July!

Fireworks over flag

TODNews will not publish today.

Seattle OKs transfer of old UW laundry near Mount Baker light rail station to build affordable housing

The Seattle City Council voted unanimously Monday to acquire a former University of Washington laundry next to the Mount Baker light rail station to develop affordable housing. . . . Read More

Omaha Rapid Bus Transit (ORBT) Could Bring Age-Friendly Housing Options for Omaha Residents

The city of Omaha is expanding its public transit service, . . . Read More

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