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Move over millennials—a surprising new demographic is taking over the rental market

Many of us have an image of renters as young, single, twenty-somethings, . . . Read More

Federal Agency to Relocate Headquarters to Camp Springs

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will consolidate its operations into a $265 million headquarters in Camp Springs, Maryland, in less than three years. . . . Read More

Met Council awards grants for projects near LRT lines

The Metropolitan Council has awarded a total of $4.6 million to four transit-oriented development projects in the Twin Cities. . . . Read More

These East Bay Communities Are Moving Full Speed Ahead On Transit-Oriented Developments

The Bay Area’s largest transit-oriented development near a BART station . . . Read More

Rebuild or rethink: Fire destruction offers opportunity in Santa Rosa

With the flames that flattened Santa Rosa’s Coffey Park neighborhood extinguished . . .Read More

Privately funded high speed rail project nears finish

What seemed to be a dream that many believed would eventually fade away is well on its way to becoming a reality. . .  Read More

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