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Study: Shift to walkable urban places is good news for economy

Robert Steuteville  |  Better! Cities & Towns In the first regional, comprehensive study of mixed-use urban centers, Christopher Leinberger coins a clever term, WalkUPs (walkable, urban places). Leinberger examines 43 WalkUPs in the Washington, DC, region, most of which have been created... Continue Reading →

To the Triathlete Who Used a Capital Bikeshare Bike at Nation’s Tri: We Salute You

Martin Austermuhle  | Elite triathletes train intensively and buy the best equipment available. And while that equipment is rather minimal when it comes to the swim and the run, it can certainly make a difference when it comes to... Continue Reading →

How Will Boomers Reshape U.S. Cities?

By: Ryan Holeywell | Walk around Arlington County, Va., the compact, urbanized jurisdiction just outside Washington, D.C., and you may start to notice some interesting design details. The sidewalks are wide -- six feet in commercial areas and five... Continue Reading →

hat’s the Best Way to Build New Highways: Private? Public? Tolls? Magic?

(Washington, D.C. — WAMU) As the opening of the Interstate 495 Express Lanes on northern Virginia’s Capital Beltway draws closer, backers of the $2 billion project say they cannot guarantee the four new HOT lanes will achieve the goal of reducing traffic... Continue Reading →

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